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Full Version: Yp3700 For Sale
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Unfortunately finances, work and life dictate that my beloved toy must go...

This YP3700 is a little over two months old (when I exchanged the unit). Would make a great upgrade for a 5x00 user, or as another machine for the collection.

- Linux Kernel
- X Windows!
- GTK+/IceWM
- MMC/CF slots
- USB dock
- Hancom Office
- Lots of software, games, mp3, vlc etc. included
- Runs Qtopia 1.7, Zaurus compatible

Mains adaptor included which can be used in most countries, UK plug adaptor included.

Please do NOT reply on this thread or PM me, your comments may not be read. Use the contact seller option on eBay.

This is a UK sale, I will also ship within the European Union territories, buyer pays all additional shipping costs. Will ship outside EU if needed, again there maybe additional shipping costs. PayPal only.
(I've removed this post)
QUOTE(padishah_emperor @ Mar 18 2005, 05:22 PM)
I forgot to mention, this includes a 1GB microdrive and OESF members can 'Buy it Now' for £145 + £7.50 P&P, send a PM here AND via eBAY, BEFORE bidding.

I'm interested and in the UK, I was wondering how much they were selling for (until they stopped manufacturing yopys recently). Is it easy to compile for? and are there a lot of compiled apps?

Just not sure how useful it will be discontinued..
pgas : it's discontinued. : more info.

I think there is rather active community around the yopy. And this developement around this kind of machine never really stop. (the newton has been discontinued a long time ago...)
Yes this is correct, the owner of YopyPDA has sent me an email saying the same.. Actually what I've been told is that he is not able to source from Gmate as they are not responding to his requests, this could change as Gmate are still operating AFAIK. It's not really that much of an issue, YopyNG will still be making their kernel and filesystem - maybe with a new GUI, don't forget that most YP3700 owners use Qtopia which allows Z apps to run. I've heard there are people running Opie on it. Put it this way, if it doesn't sell I'll still be very happy to use it until it dies someday. In short there will always be apps available as long as Qtopia/Opie and X exist.

If anyone is interested the sale will remain open, unfortunately at the moment I simply have to sell it even though I don't want to and will regret it. Finances are tight, it has to go. :-( I may indeed get a new handheld, but I doubt it will be a Linux device I'm afraid.

I've also edited out the post above about Buy It Now for ZUG members, that option is no longer on offer as I made an error when listing it. Any personal offers can be made by contacting me via the Contact Seller option on the auction page which I will consider. Please don't contact me or make offers on this thread or by using the PM option here as I may not see it.
The Yopy has been sold.
Thanks to everyone who contacted me.

Also just a quick goodbye to everyone I've dealt with here, I joined ZUG over a year ago and apart from a fairly unpleasant encounter with a nameless entity, I've really enjoyed interacting with everyone here and made a few new friends along the way.

I sincerely wish you all the very best in the future.


PS. AIM screen name is francisjdouse, if anyone wants to get in touch. wink.gif
Hi Francisjdouse,
everytime you sell an embedded device and say goodby to the forums, I think hopefully once he sees a nice embedded linux device and comes back smile.gif
So I hope you will join us again.
Btw, what do you think about the Sl-C1000? smile.gif
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