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Full Version: Lithium Ion Battery Extender
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A German Company has a stick on solution for LI ION Cells to improve cell efficiency
Hmm, no explanation of how it works as far as I could see (actually one of the linked evaluation articles reckons it pulls out impurities from the battery, another of the German ones said it increases the capacitance or some such). Yeah sounds like a likely story to me.

It says that it's been evaluated by a number of universities, but no links to their evaluations, etc. There is a link on the Zertificates page, to a test which was performed - however I don't think 2 tests with and 2 without the foil attached to a random battery can truly (or indeed at all) be called statistically significant.

Sounds like a load of rubbish to me, but I'd be happy to eat my words if someone points me to some better explanations/test results.


There are several linked articles on the press link. PCW gave it a good review after installing the pack in phones and Laptops.
Can't see the PCW one, but from reading a couple of the other tests, they all seem to be very unscientific in their approach. Stick it on, see what happens. Their results could be down to experimental error/luck/etc.

Yep I noticed there wernt any power / charge time graphs but 5500 users might appreciate abit more power......
This is just another scam, you know....
If I get a chance I might just buy one and set up some tests with my old 5500 and a DVM and see how it goes.... Anything has to be an improvment on the 5500s battery life.
Don't buy it.
c't (in my oppinion one of germanys best computer-mags) has tested it.
There is no effect! ("Nach unseren Ergebnissen sind die Ausgaben für Batterylife-Folien also rausgeschmissenes Geld"
You can read it on page 94 of the new c't ( )
This c't is not out yet, but it will be on monday (I am a subscriber and so I got it today)
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