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Full Version: Ann: New Version Of "macos X" For The Zaurus
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Dear all Mac&Zaurus users,
we have reached a new level of stability of this software package that we have decided to share it with you.

What QuantumSTEP is:
* an alternative to Qtopia on the Zaurus designed for the Mac user
* an Application Suite including e.g. Address Book, Calendar, Web Browser, Navigator, Phone Dialer, Stickies, Property List Editor, etc.
* an Application Platform that aims at compatibility to MacOS X (meaning: libraries e.g.: libFoundation, libAppKit, etc. and data compatible e.g.: .ics, XML, .jpeg, .icns, RTF, .bundle)
* based on X11 and GNUstep/mGStep (LGPL)
* an obeisance to NeXT, GNUstep, Apple, MIT for their 15 years technolgy development

What is new in DR5:
* new name: QuantumSTEP
* many bugs fixed (especially some annoying memory leaks)
* many classes and methods added to be much more Cocoa (10.3) compatible
* some applications (sometimes skeletons) added
* should now install on most Zaurus Models (with SharpROM) out-of-the-box
* more a Demo than a system for daily use

* just download the package and copy a .ipk plus the .mypkg file to your Zaurus
* install the .ipk (which unpacks the .mypkg)
* click on the QuantumSTEP Icon in the Applications tab

What you can do with it:
* operate the Zaurus in a very familiar way (if you are a heavy Mac user)
* evaluate how a "Mac PDA" or "iPhone" could be operated in a user friendly way - and give feedback so that we can improve on it
* port Cocoa based applications to the Zaurus using Xcode (please try out and report your experiences!)

* a Zaurus with SharpROM (tested on 5500with ROM3.10, C860 and C3000)
* some experience with the Macintosh UI to know intuitively how to operate
* a Mac is only required if you want to write software

What it is not:
* a ROM image to flash
* finished or complete (most applications still lack some essential functionality)
* bug free (we have a long bug list)
* a "Mac" or PowerPC emulator (we cross-compile everything for the ARM processor)
* a port of MacOS X and/or Darwin - we use Linux, X11, GNustep
* comparable to the Newton - its simply different
* fast and responsive - our focus is on stability first, secondly on speed
* a fake: there is a TestDrive package which includes several applications compiled and linked against the Cocoa frameworks for the Mac. So, you can develop an opinion without touching your Zaurus or even owning one.

Here is more info and links for downloading:

-- hns
Project Initiator

(sorry for the duplication with the other thread "Xcode Development")
just wonder

does it sync well with Mac OSX? unsure.gif
QUOTE(samxiao @ Mar 20 2005, 06:13 PM)
just wonder

does it sync well with Mac OSX? unsure.gif

The big question is, is it useable??
does it sync well with Mac OSX?
The big question is, is it useable?

There is a clear answer: yes or no smile.gif

Please note that this is still a development project - comparable to the Apple ADC seeds (you follow the rumors on Tiger?). So, things might fail and might not be complete. See it like the pdaXrom and OpenZaurus projects - which have a full forum of comments like "this and that does not work, please make it work".

I know that we Macintosh users are expecting highest levels of quality and stability. So, where does it come from? From potential users really trying out. Please help us a little by experimenting and testing what already is working.

To be more precisely answer your questions:

* there is no sync engine (yet) with MacOS X (we already expect that iSync will change its internals from 10.3 to 10.4 - so on which one should we focus on to be compatible to?), but you can copy files back and forth

* as stated in the posting, it is useable like every "Demo" and "Work in progress" is, but not for daily work. So, you can e.g. launch the address book and create new groups and person records. And data even persists exiting and relaunching. But e.g. editing does not work yet or export as vCard. And the "Finder" has a severe bug and crashes sometimes (but didn't you experience this on your Mac about once or twice a year?).

Just to give you a hint on what we are currently working on: a full Mail client (POP3, IMAP, Junk filter plugin) and proper handling of WLAN, GPS, GPRS in the intrinsics, including a phone dialer application.

-- hns
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