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Full Version: Compilers For Oe
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Is gcc 3.4 being looked at for compliling OE ? It's supposed to create faster binaries. Is there an Intel compiler for ARM ?
Is gcc 3.4 being looked at for compliling OE ?

I'm pretty sure it's used atm (I don't have my dev box in front of me atm).

Yes, we are compiling the whole OpenZaurus distribution with gcc 3.4.3 atm.
QUOTE(leland @ Mar 18 2005, 06:55 PM)
Is there an Intel compiler for ARM ?

What about this question? Or, is there another compiler that creates better optimized binary code than gcc?

I've just been working on some x86 code where the icc compiled code runs literally 4X faster than the same code compiled with gcc.
If such a beast were available you would be able to use it with OE (add a provides in the conf file for gcc and make sure it can be called appropriately - one of the OE gurus may have a cleaner solution).

Might be a good idea for people to add patches to GCC to improve arm code performance too though.

QUOTE(leland @ Mar 19 2005, 10:55 AM)
Is there an Intel compiler for ARM ?

Yes, but its beta version, expensive and not readily publicly available.

and, it's not a drop in for gcc, so Makefiles and whatnot have to be modified.
QUOTE(lpotter @ Feb 10 2006, 04:58 AM)

Have you tested it? Can it produce faster code than gcc?
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