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Full Version: Sernam ?
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i live in montreal and i found a good deal on a laptop in london and the guy is asking me to follow this procedure.

First you will send me your name and address. Then I will go to SeRnaM Xpress with the product and get the deal going.At this point the SeRnaM Xpress guys will send you a delivery notification to let you know they have the product, that all is OK with it and that they are ready to deliver the product to you.When you receive the delivery
notification which will come in your e-mail, you will go to Western Union and make a money transfer to my name for the amount we agreed for the product. Once the money transfer is complete you will send the payment informations about the money transfer to the SeRnaM Xpress payment service. In the delivery notification SeRnaM Xpress will also instruct you on how to send them the payment info.They will verify if the money are there and if all is OK, they will deliver the product to you.You will receive the product and you will check it to see if all is OK with it.
If the product is as I described you will then instruct the SeRnaM Xpress guys to send me the payment details about the money transfer and only then I will go to Western Union and pick up the cash.

i have nerver done that kind of deal before so i'd like to know if it's safe and can you tell me a little bit about sernam xpress and if they really give those kind of services.
Be careful. Sounds like a scam. I would contact Sernam Xpress who I believe are just a freight company... a French freight company.... don't normally see them in London and I should know I live there.

This is all I could find about Sernam Xpress..
HI, my name is Alex, i'm italian and my english isn't good!!
I have the same problem whith sernam xpress. I have nerver done that kind of deal before; have you contact surname company and have you received the product, or is a scam? Thank you for the disturb and bye.
most probably a scam see this :

Sernam does seem to deliver goods in Europe but its site doesn't mention any payment service.
QUOTE(seed @ Mar 19 2005, 08:12 PM)
i live in montreal and i found a good deal on a laptop in london and the guy is asking me to follow this procedure.

it sounds like a scam. with the dollar being weak, you're unlikely to find prices on any electronics goods to be better in europe than buying in north america.

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