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Full Version: How Did Pdaxrom Support Sharp Sl-7500c
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Hi, Laze, Sash, and dear friends:
You guys COOL!!
I am a Chinese student, I bought a SHARP SL-7500C a few days ago. Fortunately, badog asked you guys to help us install pdaXrom RC9.1 on SL-7500C. Some said that SL-7500C is a Chinese version for SL-C750, I am very confused and interested in how you made pdaXrom RC9.0/9.1 support it.
I am desired to make SL-7500C support IPv6 and Mobile IPv6, and I think these modules should be selected when the new kernel is compiled, but I am a green hand to use pdaXrom builder. I downloaded the latest builder “pdaXrom-builder-22.20_30.01.05.tar.bz2”, after I chose Core System->Kernel->select flavour…..I could not find a kernel support SL-7500C. And could you please tell me how to add a kernel which supports ipv6/mobile ipv6 to build a new pdaXrom version?
Thanks a lot, and best regards!
Oh, I found a file with the name of kernel-SL-7500(a link to kernel-SL-C750) after I extracted the tools.tar, does it mean that if this file is included in tool.tar, my SL-7500C could install pdaXrom without any problem?
Hum, I think I will apply a PC with powerful CPU from my boss, and pdaX86 will be installed on it as the host OS, in order to build a ipv6-supported pdaXrom. tongue.gif
most probably, I think the same applies to 860 kernel which is the same as the 760 kernel.
It seems that I have done something stupid.
I noticed there are three important files in kathrin-rc9_1:
(1) : I don’t know what is it for.
(2)initrd.bin : It contains the file system in it;
(3)tools.tar : Some kernels for Zaurus, for my SL-7500C I think the file kernel-SL-7500 linked to kernel-SL-C750 is very much useful. And I found the zImage.bin(kernel-SL-7500->zImage.bin) file in the folder kernel-SL-C750, it must be the real kernel for my Zaurus SL-7500C. However, obviously it does not support IPv6. So I come up with the idea: If I replace this zImage.bin for a new ipv6-supported one, maybe it will work.
Following the instructions showed in
I patched the kernel (usagi-linux24-s20020722.tar.bz2) with the following three patches(mentioned in the URL above):
(1) patch-2.4.18-rmk7
(2) diff-2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3
(3) linux-2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix-slc750-slb500-20021214-rom1_00 (I got this on the Japanese Web)
(4) patch-usazau
After that : make dep; make zImage; make modules
Finally I got the file zImage, and rename it zImage.bin.
But after I replaced the the original file (tools->kernel-SL-7500->zImage.bin) with the new one, the installation finished successfully, reboot my Zaurus 7500C with the start screen “SHARP” and some Japanese words nothing happened.
(1) Could you guys tell me why?
(2) Maybe I should use the pdaXrom-builder to get a new rom, hum?
How and where did you get the kernel, if it is compiled by yourself, could you please give (a)kernel(something like usagi-linux24-s20020722.tar.bz2); (b)patches (something like (1) patch-2.4.18-rmk7(2)diff-2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3(3)linux-2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix-slc750-slb500-20021214-rom1_00(4) patch-usazau, etc.)
(3) How to use this new kernel when running pdaXrom-builder on pdax86 host?

I don't have pdaXrom, or a c- series. But, on my 6k I tried the same thing--replacing zimage and flashing... No good at all.

The is a script that ..well.. tells the system to update.

I think your best bet (and this works for me at least) might be to flash the system with all defaults.

Then put just and Your NEW kernel, as ZImage .bin, I think, on your cf card, leaving out the initrd. The idea is to flash normally, then again, just replacing the kernel (though do go through your setup screens and reboot once before your second flash)

Do an update... only the kernel will be replaced.

If this doesn't work there are a couple reasons that I know about frtom the start

1) the kernel isn't good and you should try a slight variation

2). you don't have space in your rom for the kernel (that isssue is discussed on the 6000 general discussion "fast kernel/libsdl" thread

There is a unified kernel source tarball to be had via that has ipv6 support--though I don't know if it will work w/ pdaXrom

Hopefully someone with pdaX and better ideas can give more help

Oh, thank you Sir adf. U r so nice!
I 'll have a look into the common kernel this afternoon, but I am very worried about that maybe it needs some other special patches. You know that I am not a experienced patch maker or even patch reader, to "vi" a patch file and correct some bugs seems so difficult for me.
Anyway I will tell you the latest results after I test that new kernel.
Thank you!

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