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Full Version: A Plea For Help..
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I hate to do this but we are as always running short off cash in the pdaXrom team. The reason is that almost all Sash living expenses are paid for by the donations. But everytime we are a little quiet with releases and information the donations and banner clicks stops almost totally.

Could everybody thats happy with the pdaXrom consider donating just a little sum or maybe click the banners a couple of times please do this? Based on the traffic we have plenty of users but not many clicking the banners or donating.

Silence from our team is a good thing - its means big things are on the way. Sash is currently working on many different platforms and fixing bugs like mad. Beergeek is looking into improving many of the applets/utilites.

We have almost completed and is soon ready to released the entire new completely documented and much improved builder system and sources etc.

So please, please donate and if you can't afford to donate just click-away on the banners..
QUOTE(Laze @ Mar 22 2005, 10:32 AM)
So please, please donate and if you can't afford to donate just click-away on the banners..

Just clicked... and donated! tongue.gif

Keep up the good work... who knows, maybe someday pdaXrom will support the SL-C3000? wink.gif

Gave a little something myself... will give more again in the near future. Keep up the good work guys...

Someone got Knoppix to work within windows using qemu... now that would be cool for pdaxrom x86 - people compiling away within windows....
You can try to boot the pdaX86 ( in qemu?
Oh i will! It'll be June though, before i'm finished my degree and free to experiment with all these things...
A great thanks to those who have donated - we are working on making the pdaXrom support other hardware platforms - i will keep you posted.
Laze / pdaXrom team,

A small suggestion for you: perhaps you could update your About us | Thanks to... page your website? It has not been updated since August of last year.

It is possible that some people are perhaps like me and don't like when a contribution seems to be ignored.

I contributed one time to JeMi Web Design via paypal, but I don't even know if you received the money. To a student with limited discretionary income, it looks as if my money went Poof!

Remember, you are competing against my beer fund!

It has been updated today - sorry..
I wanted to donate, but I dislike paypal, moneybookers wanted a fax (!) of my credit card, and iKobo kept refusing my payment with a very vague error message. Would you be able to use an international postal money order sent to the contact address on the website?
jandr: yes but we prefer if you could try ikobo or moneybookers - they didn't wan't a fax last time we used them.
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