Hi all,

These days I have been experiencing problems with snes9x emulator on my C860 (Sharp ROM) after fiddling with the SDL lib in an attempt to fit it in Crimson Field but to no avail. I tried all the working versions of SDL (libsdl_1.2.5-slzaurus20030704_arm.ipk, libsdl_1.2.5-slzaurus20031201_arm.ipk, libSDL_1.2.6cvs-1_arm.ipk, libSDL_1.2.6-zports-5_arm.ipk, libSDL_1.2.6-zports_c7x0-2_arm.ipk) and then end up with having an inverted screen problem when opening ROM under snes9x. I did follow the advice to remove the -win in opt/QtPalmtop/bin/zemufeex_smc.sh but the problem remained.

So finally I simply uninstalled everything: zemufe, snes9x, SDL and zlib, and installed them again in the following order:

1) libsdl_1.2.5-slzaurus20031201_arm.ipk (works smoothly so I don't bother go for 1.2.6), zlib_1.1.4-2_arm.ipk (the one in ZSI and ELSI is an older version)
2) zemufe
3) snes9x SDL-1 (must be installed last)

Then of course I had to edit the zemufeex_smc.sh and voila! Everything is back to normal. It also saves the troubles of writing individual scripts and creating shortcuts for each ROM file.

Hope this may help those still struggling with the emulator and wish all happy gaming! tongue.gif