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Full Version: Virtual Laser Keyboard
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Some time ago i see a history on the Virtual Keyboards and two days ago i see a note in a magazzine for the VLK Virtual Laser Keyboard, it is supposed to work with iPAQS dry.gif .

blink.gif Somebody has seen this thing working ?

I want to know if this stuff uses any special driver (i think it does) or if it can be used with a zaurus cool.gif .

A review I read stated it was a good idea but lack of tacktile feedback, a tendancy to fall over if used on the train for example and a problem with sunlite blinding it ended up giving it a low score. Still wouldnt mind giving one a go that or a VGA output to the VR wrapround glasses for a virtual 15" monitor to match.....
VLK is a neat idea but never flies off the ground. Reviews I read long time ago said the main problem is too high false rates. You can't touch-type with it. light interference is another killer for this baby.
just watched supervolcano, some made for tv movie that pretends yellowstone errupts, and the black guy who always gets killed had one of these lazer keyboards... right before he died it showed it and it looked pretty sweet. at least it makes a good movie prop if nothing else!
There was another VLK from a different manufacturer that I saw before, perhaps I saw in this forum near November or something.
Hi Kerberos,

I ordered such a keyboard about a year agoo (and this was half a year ago when it was announced) - it never arrived. Before ordering it should be made sure that it is ready for sale.

Regards, A.
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