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Full Version: Qt-embedded-free-3.3.4
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Downloaded, configured and compiled qt-embedded-free-3.3.4 with arm-xscale-linux-gnu/gcc-3.4.1-glibc-2.3.3 toolchain

mounted by nfs, export QTDIR=/path/to/new/qtdir, commented out export QTDIR in /etc/init.d/opie and started it
worked like a charm, but not that is the point, the point is that it works faster
i dont know if because of gcc or qt, but the difference is impressive, even opera started to move like on my desktop.

Did someone try qte3?
I have troubles believing that you were able to (re)link Opera against libqte3. You have the source for it?
i did not relink at all ...
and now i see... its compat wrapper that does LD_LIBRARY_PATH :-(
strace -f -e open -o /mnt/net/trace /opt/QtPalmtop.compat/bin/opera
/opt/QtPalmtop.compat/bin/opera: symbol lookup error: /opt/QtPalmtop.compat/bin/opera: undefined symbol: _7QString.shared_null
well, it seems that i was sitting too long at night....
what a crazy idea that it has the same symbols....
for some reason i decided it is running with the QTDIR...
shame on me, going drink cofee now..
sorry, false alarm
Pardon my stupidity, but does this mean there might be fixes to Qtopia I can install on my Sharp ROM 2.38 without doing a total ROM upgrade?

What I'm most irritated with is Qtopia 1.5.0's insistense on opening the same application multiple times concurrently without keeping track of which has been modified most recently.

Does this or other versions fix this?


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