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Full Version: Sl-c3000
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I just got a C3000 just over a week ago and was wondering if there was anybody else in oz that has one?

have a look at my new little toy:
hey meanie,

im in sydney
i ordered mine on tuesday and got it this morning! so far converted to english and got a dlink 660W wireless card from harris technology..

so far its an awesome little computer!

thanks for the info on your site, i use my sl5500 power adapter for this one and noticed you use the dick smith one... happen to have that lying around at home!
Meanie -- great site for info on the C3000, thanks! Not in your area but I appreciate all the info you put up.

Where did you order your C3000 from?

I currently have a SL-5500 and want to upgrade to either a C860 or the C3000, im looking toward to order it but im curious as to where you got ours/how was the service etc.

Oh and im from melbourne smile.gif
hi sniffer,

i got mine from pricejapan.... they have fantastic service... ordered it on tuesday last week and it arrived in my hands thursday morning using dhl (just in time for the easter long weekend!)
I got a friend of mine to buy it for me and send it over. It took 3 days to arrive using priority fedex.

Originally I wanted to get the D-Link one as well, but HT did not have it in stock (nor did anyone else) and I was in a hurry to play with it so I went for the Netgear one instead.

Anyway, I've been using it non stop trying to install all the stuff that works on it. I am so happy I got Firefox working on it now!
Hi Meanie,

I'm in Sydney.
Thanks for the info on your site, it's really useful.
Hey, nice to know I am not alone smile.gif

Maybe if there is a few of us we can pool resources and order some nifty stuff together like the Zaurus mug from trisoft. smile.gif

I can't justify to buy the mug and pay more in postage and handling than the mug is worth sad.gif

I already have the stuffed Penguin from otherwise I might have bought the mug and the penguin ...
Just orded mine from japan, cant wait smile.gif
you're in for some real fun smile.gif you'll love it
i cant belive how fast this thing is, i had a dell axim x30 at 624Mhz and it seems like a snail in comparison, however i doo miss the wifi and bluetooth but thats what the usb port is for smile.gif

i already plan to upgrade the drive to 6GB and use the 4 gig card in the CF slot wink.gif

glad i made the change
Guys, if you want a nifty mini a USB adaptor, the iRiver one is much better than the GoldX one. It gives you just what you want, the mini usb a and its small. This is how it looks like:
Look for a USB host cable for the iRiver PMP-120 series Digital Media Player.
This site offers it:

btw, if you are considering ordering one, or are able to find one somewhere else, buy me one too and I'll pay you back smile.gif
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