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Full Version: Snes9x... No Startup At All
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Ok I'm relatively inept at all this terminal stuff, but I've played with my 5500 long enough to be able to follow most instructions. Now, I've been trying to run snes9x for a long time, both with zemufex and just straight terminal launches. I'm trying to start a Chrono Trigger rom, but no matter what combinations I try I have absolutely no luck. I don't even get weird screen errors, just nothing happens. In the terminal I get
"/usr/bin/snes9x: Permission denied". And zemufe won't even change screens. It just sits there when I click the rom.
A good step-by-step guide would be very nice, just on how to get snes9x running on a 5500 with the 3.10 sharp rom. (If it's absolutely nescessary, I can flash to OZ pretty quickly...) Thanks in advance.
you need to

chmod 777 /usr/bin/snes9x

then start zemufex and hey presto all should be ok

ps make sure you got all the sdl libraries( check the forum)

If your desperate for it Flash with OZ 3.5.2 Hentges and it comes with snes9x built in and working ( Hentges does have your /home on sd card though so if you dont have one then you wont be able to use it.
I got Chrono Trigger started up from the terminal, just with the basic snes9x command.
I'm getting a "no such file or directory" message when I try running your little bit, ads. I guess it works out fine, I'm ok with using the terminal, but I have no idea how to switch to portrait in terminal... Is it possible? Or do i need to be running Zemufe to do portrait?
good job

make sure your snes9x is in your /home/Qtpalmtop/bin/ directory and the zemufeex "etc" entry is the same.

then zeemufex should find the file and run in full screen landscape mode.

I dont know about running in portrait....but there are command line options that you can definately dont need zemufex to do this. Im sure they are posted in this forum somewhere....

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