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Full Version: Ko/pi Sync W/ Ical?
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Is it possible to sync KO/PI with ical? It seems like KO/PI is much nicer then the built in aps.
QUOTE(osx4zaurus @ Mar 28 2005, 05:17 AM)
Is it possible to sync KO/PI with ical?  It seems like KO/PI is much nicer then the built in aps.

Yes, in a roundabout way.

KO/Pi syncs beautifully with iCal's .ical files. If you have only one iCalendar, you're in luck. Unfortunately, I have iCalendars for several different categories (Work, Recreation, Holidays), which results in several different .ical files in my Calendars folder.

To sync I drag and drop the updated .ical files to my Zaurus' SD. Then I sync to each local file from the KO/Pi options menu, using the "ask on conflict" setting. Moving the files takes about ten seconds and each sync another few seconds on top of that. It isn't one-click, but I can say that all the events and tasks on my iBook are also on my Z -- without the hassle of duplicates and overwritten entries.
If you only want to sync with one calendar, it works pretty well.

KO/Pi provides a method to automatically run commands immediately before and after a sync; you set it to download your iCal calendar using scp before the sync, KO/Pi then syncs with the copied file, and finally you copy the file back to your mac with scp.

It might be a bit difficult to setup at first, especially if you're not familiar with ssh, but once you get it running it seems to work pretty well.

- ashikase
- anpachi, gifu, japan
What about going the other way: Moving KoPi events & ToDos to ical?
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