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Full Version: Performance Ehancements?
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Hey, thanks for the great system! Now with pdaXrom 9.1 and kopi unstable, I finally have a near perfect system.

I am starting to look at ways of boosting the performance of my Zaurus. I have the 760c (what a great machine - almost 2 years now....). Could people give me some tips and help?

I have found the overclocking software, but I havent really used it - I dont know how it works. What does it all mean - the L, N and Ms, what is Turbo mode, and does anyone know what is ok but reasonably safe?

I have an SD card for storage, and I would like to make a swap partition on it. Can someone give a helping hand here?

Any other tips to help this thing become better?

Thankx for any advice, and great job guys!
the real question is overclocking worth the extra drain on the battery, excess heat and quite possibly lowering the life expentancy of your zaurus? who can say..

I overclocked mine to 471Mhz and the diffrence was so very minimal I decided to leave it at 400Mhz...

the biggest hope for speed increase on the Zaurus has yet to apear on any version, that would be usb 2.0 and take adavantage of the much faster sd cards.

on Watapon you just click on the memory applet in the extended taskbar and you can setup your swap there, but this has got to be diffrent for pdaXrom

I saw this today on elsi, sounds like it could help some people.. check it out
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