I've been trying to set up a network that I can access files on an iMac running OS 8.6. I've used Personal Web Sharing to set up a folder, and I have no trouble downloading files. (At this point I don't even care about uploading, though it would be nice.) The problem is that PWS auto compresses "large" files. I have managed to download a small GIF with no problems, but it seems that anything over about 1M (it may even be less than that) is considered "large."

This wouldn't be a problem if:

1. auto compression compression could be turned off,


2. macutils' last version was not from 1992(!),


3. the Linux version of StuffIt would run on a Zaurus.

Does anyone know if there is an app that will do #1?

Macutils runs on the Z, but cannot handle the BinHex 4.0, is there a more current version that I just can't find?

Does someone know if #3 is possible? I don't have a Linux box so I'm not too keen on buying it on the off chance it works.

(I know that OS X is better, but this isn't my computer and I don't want to upgrade the memory and buy OS X)

The Z in question is a C860 running pdaXrom RC9