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Full Version: Ko/pi And Sync To Win Xp / Outlook
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I've just started using KO/PI and its great. I tried a version last year and it just wasn't quite what i was looking for, but the work done since then is fabulous.

One thing I need to do is sync to outlook on windows xp. I've been able to do it by sync'ing KO/PI with the sharp DTM database and then sync'ing the sharp DTM database with outlook. This works fine, but its a 2 step process.

Can KO/PI be configured to sync directly to outlook?
QUOTE(b2bpro @ Mar 29 2005, 06:12 PM)
Can KO/PI be configured to sync directly to outlook?

Use the KDEPIM/PI thread in the software forum. Really.
And no, it's not possible to sync them directly. You can do it by synching DTM (the Sharp Agenda) to Outlook and then Kopi with DTM like you wrote, but not directly.
It's unlikely to ever happen, because the Outlook storage format is closed, and Intellisync must be licensed. It's really quite the terrible calendaring app when it comes to interoperability.
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