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Full Version: Searching Windowmanager For Pdaxrom...
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Sam Hell

Im searching for a windowmanager for pdaXrom, i read about a few, but
i only found the installations for a desktop environment, but no workaround
for getting them (fluxbox, fvwm, whatever) on my Z.

Got anyone a windowmanager compiled for the Z, or knows where to find a

Thx in advance,
fluxbox and fvwm are here:

matchbox wm is in the current feed IIRC.

The procedure is pretty much standard: make a backup of the .xinirtc in /home/root (just to be able to easily go back to the standard wm)

and place something like
exec fluxbox
in a new .xinitrc.

I believe you'll find more detailed info if you search this forum
Sam Hell
ah kk...

found it now, never known that a fluxbox-package was in the unstable-feed,
i was just wandering where the bunch of people who already installed fluxbox
get their packages from. But thats why there´s a forum, right? wink.gif

Ok, i had no problems getting fluxbox installed, and it now runs on my Z.
But there is a thing left:

I can´t access the right mousebutton. I accessed it before through holding the
"Fn"-Key and touching th screen. If i do this now, nothing happens. In an open window
i can just adjust the size of the window, so the shortcut must have been replaced.
( i´ve copied the "old" corgi.xmodmap i backuped before over the new one, but nothing
changed... )
if you have only "exec fluxbox" in the xinitrc then maybe some things are missing... try to look at the original .xinitrc and add to your .xinitrc what is not related to matchbox/openbox.

IIRC in the package or somewhere in these forum there are example of configurations (with font path and the like)

(and if it works post you .xinitrx here or write a page wink.gif )
Sam Hell
unfortunately, i wasnt able to make a backup of the xinitrc (cancelled every try
with a failure).

mmhhh, i go and search in this forum if anybody posted some parts of the xinitrc
and paste them into mine...
btw: the "Menu"-Button doesnt function either... i hope its also related to the xinitrc. wink.gif

No menu button is not related to .xinitrc wink.gif
you will have to tweak fluxbox shortcut key for that...
Sam Hell
a fastreply this time:

found out that fluxbox in the installation automatically makes
a copy of the xinitrc, renaming the copy to "xinitrc.old"...

But i´ve found a real short version of the xinitrc from the z-compiler
of Fluxbox here -->

I´ll check this out now... can´t wait now to get fluxbox and torsmo up and
running propperly... smile.gif
Sam Hell
Ok, Update:

I´ve managed to simply copy the xinitrc.
Fluxbox -- works fine
Torsmo -- works fine
vdesk -- seems not to function sad.gif

If i understood this right, vdesk provides the functionality of the
"drag & drop" onto the desktop, but this don´t work anymore. i
cant "drag & drop" a folder or program onto the desktop.

That´s the last odd thing for now, at least i´ve got all keys back...
and all my Mouse Buttons wink.gif
I had similar problems (no right-click). Turns out it was vdesk causing it, somehow it takes focus of a button or something. Didn't have time to find a workaround.
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