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Full Version: Bitbake: How To Download Source Code?
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I have a question about OE/Bitbake. I was reading the getting started and would like to first let bitbake download source code for say "opie-image". Is this possible?

The page says if I use the command "bitbake opie-image" not only it will build the entire opie image, but also I would need 35Gig of free space.

IF you guys have any other way to get source code for OZ(Collie) let me know...
Bitbake downloads the source as it goes along - it downloads the source required for a single package, then builds and packages it, then moves onto the next.

35GB is not required for a bitbake opie-image - for a bitbake world perhaps.

If you just want to download the source, you can tell bitbake to just perform the download step. The exact command escapes me (look on the OE mailing list) but it's something along the lines of:

bitbake -c fetch opie-image

bitbake opie-image is about 3-5GB IIRC
Thanks a lot!

The command is indeed -cfetch. Unfortunately mine stopped working while fetching mtd! I need to look at why and try to add more mirrors I guess. Anybody facing download problems of late?
my kernel cross compiling stuff seems to have gone south.. but I get all the sources ok it seems
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