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Full Version: Sd Card Slot Repair
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First time post here. I co-worker loaned my his g/f's C860 (she rarely used it), and the SD card slot no longer ejects cards. I pulled the back off the C860, and discovered that when you push a card in to eject it, the return spring doesn't push the SD cradle far enough forward. You can still pull the SD out by hand, but you have to put something in the slot (bent paperclip works) and pull the SD cradle out the rest of the way by hand in order to reset it so it will lock next time. I can't see anything blocking the SD cradle, but I can feel some hesitation when I pull it forward. It's a real concern now as said g/f is now Xg/f and may ask for the 860 back at any point in time... I'd hate to take a soldering iron to it... ohmy.gif Any ideas? If you lay the closed 860 on it's lid, with the SD slot facing you, the cradle is in the back left corner. It is a small black piece of plastic which matches the angled corner on an SD/MMC card. It's spring loaded on a track on the left side of the slot. There is a triangluar three way catch -- an empty slot has the catchhook at the tip of the triangle. When you insert the card, the hook travels down the bottom edge of the triangle and locks onto the base of the triangle when the card is all the way in. When you pop the card out, the hook slides along the top of the triangle, returning it to the tip. Problem is, the hook in this one stops only a mm or so from the tip, but won't reach the tip. If you don't get the hook to the tip, it won't travel the bottom of the triangle and lock into the base. OOPS! Any thoughts?

Ian T.
I've got a similar problem with my C860. I'll have to wait till the weekend before doing anything about it though. sad.gif

Can you take any pictures of the SD slot to give a better idea of the problem?
Not wanting to have to send my Zaurus back to Japan I decided to bite the bullet and dismantle it.

Well... Success! biggrin.gif I've managed to unjam the eject mechanism of the SD slot.

Here is roughly how I did it:-

1. Remove all the screw, battary cover and clips from the lower case of the Zaurus.

2. Unhook the lower case.

Click to view attachment

3. Now, notice the black plastic cover on stuck to the SD slot mechanism. This is held down by sticky tape and can be gently prised off.

Click to view attachment

4. With the opening to the slot facing you, to the left of the slot you will see a black plastic slider. This appears to attach to the ejector mechcanism.

Click to view attachment

Mine was stuck half way along but with a gentle push it unclicked. The slot should now be working again! biggrin.gif

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the photos! Good reference materials!
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