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Full Version: Fvwmapmdaemon
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Hey you approximate five fvwm users on pdaX,

perhaps you are interested in a module that monitors the apm status.
I wrote it to replace a shell script which needed to much resources.
You can configure certain commands that are executed when the
battery/AC - status changes. Just look at the sample config
in /share/fvwm.
If you want to compile it:
Unpack the source within the modules directory of the fvwm source tree
and change the Makefile to your needs.

Hey! Then I think I'm one of the five... smile.gif

I also felt the need for something like this and I made a very small GUI program for my pdaxrom-fvwm project which can be swallowed by a FvwmButton bar for example and you can have the battery and the processor status there plus a clock (and if you click on the battery, you can change the backlight intensity and if you click on the proc. speed, you can change it too)

I've written it in the most resource sparing graphical lib I found. smile.gif So it nearly doesn't use any, in fact. smile.gif

The reason I haven't released it yet, is that I have some text and background image problem if I compile it on the Zaurus... On my main computer it's working perfectly.

Others (whithout fvwm smile.gif) can use it too, but it will be working in a window and then it's not as useful as in a taskbar.

I share it with you, I hope you like it! smile.gif

There's an included README where I tell you how to compile and there's an i386 and arm binary too.

You can see the ugly version on this screenshot:
And here's the beautiful one, compiled and running on my desk computer:
And the stuff itself:

Zumi smile.gif
Just to keep things going...

here is another a little updated version of the fvwm apm daemon module.
The module is just a daemon that executes configurable commands when
certain events like "AC Power plugged in", "Battery percentage changed",
"Critical battery threshold reached", etc. occur.
There is still some work to do to benefit from the functionality, just to fullfill
the tradition of fvwm. wink.gif

Here is a "serving proposal for how it can be used:"

Click to view attachment

This is done by a FvwmButtons module to show the message
and a button with id "apm" that changes the icon upon a change of the
battery status.
The ipkg contains the module unpacked within /libexec/fvwm...,
a sample configuration in /share/fvwm and a set of battery images
for every ten battery percentage.
Have fun with it, you 5 other fvwm users if you are still there... wink.gif

I managed not to include the image:

Click to view attachment
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