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Full Version: Installing What Is Built
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I guess this sounds kinda dim.... but:
I have no idea how to install an image I build on OE on my 6000. ( I made the topic broader so as to give an opportunity for per model bullet points in a final post--in case it isn't just me)

Is the file to be renamed? what updater should be used? what file structure in the card used to flash?

I have searced the wilki, asked a few people over the winter and searched the forums. I honestly cannot find a clear useable answer to this.

something along the lines of:
rename "blah.tar.gz" "blahbin"
put it on the flash card with "this updater" from "here"
include the following files from "here" in the following arrangement (if necessary)
flash with the following buttons

It is very hard to check out stuff I can't you might imagine smile.gif
It's a normal image, just flash it like you are flashing other images. If that doesn't work, check for instructions.

You should have to flash image files which are identically named but for the extension - jffs2 and bz2 iirc.

Use the jffs2 one and rename it to initrd.bin, rename the zimage-*.bin to zImage.bin, grab the updater from the 6000 ROM dir on (, flash.

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