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Full Version: Usb Webcam On Zaurus?
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I got a C3000 and was wondering if anyone been able to get a USB webcam to work with their Zaurus yet? There seem to be a few webcam drivers around, like aiptek, etc... and I got a few different models, including a x-eye which I found some driver code, but unfortunately most is for the 2.6 kernel sad.gif Anyway, I will try worrying about compiling a driver for this particular camera later on. First I want to find out if there are any applications out there for the Zaurus that would let me use a webcam. I got a logitech one, the aiptek, kodak, sony so a few models to play with as long as I can find some suitable drivers and there is something I can view them with like some equivalent program such as the AMCap program on windows.
vic and gnome-meeting install in pocketworkstation, and load and seem to run, too. Stuff like that could surely be compiled for pdaxrom or gpe or vic compiled for qt/opie. There are some (mostly older chips) cameras supported for kernel 2.4.
Unfortunatley, though I have compiled in such support for my 6k, I have to acquire a camera with the right chip. I think the aiptek trio (cheap on ebay) will do. It certianly seems like it is worth persuing.. though I would realy really like to see conferencing support for the low-cost sharp cf-cam too
You can compile the pwc module under 2.4 (Philips based chipset), which is used in a lot of cameras, including some fairly flashy ones like the Logitech Quickcam 4000 Sphere. I'll be giving this a try when my C3000 arrives.
I've got a kodak ez200 which is supported by the SPCA50X USB drivers (for both 2.4 and 2.6 kernels).

I've yet to get it working, mainly because I've been too busy to add the driver to OE. I've also got troubles, because there's no 2.6 driver for my ratoc card, so this will have to be the first step.

With regards to apps, the video app in the new Trolltech release of Qtopia supports v4l, so this will also have to be added to OE or merged with opie-camera.

that brings up an issue..... if video is to be supported.... how about native (not debian) conferencing apps? I think we'd be liklier to videoconference with a z (despite probably lowres/framerate) than to use one as a camcorder or as a nonlinear editing workstation (though both might be done for tiny clips) If anyone is getting vic to work with k-phone, that'd be great news.. (or gnomemeeting in gpe..)
well, it sounds promising. I found some driver code for the x-eye camera so I will be trying to compile during the weekend while I am on a plane to new zealand.
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