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Full Version: Rss Feed Of Forum
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it'd be nice to have an RSS feed of the forum

maybe I've missed it, but I've not seen the orange blob that I get on or theregister or slashdot etc.
Hmmm, thats a great idea wonder how hard it would be to put together.

it's a good suggestion... let me look into it smile.gif

edit: how would you like to use the RSS... ie. an overall board RSS or individual RSS' for each of the forums (so you can subscribe to forums individually).

or if you have any other ideas on how it would be used, just let me know

I think overall would be a great start to see how well it goes over, if it takes off by forum would be great to have. Would make it easy to follow only your topics/forums of interest.
I don't see how you can implement that. Have a new item for each post (one feed per thread)? Or each thread (one feed per forum)?
How about some code like the "View New Posts" selector. It could pull just the last page or n-configurable last posts or hours (with some reasonable maximum) from each unviewed thread. If that's too bandwidth intensive just subscribed forums and threads.

I'd love to be able to grab a plucker or RSS format of the ZUG first thing in the morning and take it with me for on-the-go viewing.

I'd really like an RSS feed for the site, and I think the appropriate format is per-forum.
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