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Full Version: Mkfs.minix
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When using mkfs.minix, part of busybox default util with opie, I can only get my 128 meg SD card to create a 64 meg drive, does anyone know if this is a limitation of mkfs.minix and should I use something else or is there something I'm missing?

*edit* typoed some numbers....corrected them
Don't use Minix, you are better of with ext2 or ext3 or even jffs2

The Minix FileSystem was the file system used by Minix, and was described in "Operating Systems: Their design and implementation" by AndrewTannenbaum.

The Minix file system had a number of limitations:

    * It couldn't address partitions larger than 64mb
    * It had a maximum limit of 32 chars on filenames
    * etc

The Minix File system was used a lot on floppies where it's overhead was low. It's design also leant itself to being a file within the FileSystem of the host OperatingSystem when Minix was run as a process within another OperatingSystem.

Ok, makes much more sense now. THanks
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