I want to develop an app to program the Basic Stamp, (a very easy to use microcontroller from parallax .com) over RS232 and would like to do it in Java so it can run on just about any handeld. I would also like to develop it on my 5600 so I can do it whenever and wherever I want. Is there an easy to use gui toolkit that will run on the 5600? I am a newb to Java so please excuse my dumb questions!!! I only know Quick Basic, MS VBasic pretty well and C++ and fourth a little bit. So my main question, is this possible? or should I go with C++ with ZGCC? I am looking at Thinlet and ThinG but I,m just a little bit lost?

Also, how do I associate filetypes to applications on the Z?

Any help appreciated!

BTW, I just got my Z on ebay for $224 and got luckey. It has the pxa255 proccesor biggrin.gif

Lawrence Shafer