Just got my SL-5500 in the mail today, so I'm as fresh as they come.

I've installed OpenZaurus OPIE 3.5.3 and I'm trying to get wellenreiter up and running. I've installed it and it launches fine, but within the application if I try to start capturing traffic it tells me that one thing is WVE 17 and the drivers are WVE 16. I saw instructions about Orinoco drivers but I'm using a Linksys WCF12 (arrived today as well).

Also curious about installing a web browser if anyone has a recommendation.

I also purchase a SD card, the walkthrough's I've been using do something like

ipkg -d ram install somepackage

Should I be using
ipkg -d sd install somepackage instead?

I'm completely knew to handhelds/pda and it baffles me that I can go to a /mnt/ram directory and see files and directories.. still don't get that.

I've been using walkthroughs on irongeek.com that seem really helpful except they are written on 3.5.1 so things are working correctly for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Ryan Lindfield