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Full Version: Pocketworkstation
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is it possible to use the guylhem rom to run pocketworkstation? like have your sd with it on it and have it boot it like it does Qt?

it should be possible. point me to some information and I'll see what I can do
there is also a wiki on debian site somewhere but dont have link in front me
there are imho 3 ways to do this. (and this rom is particularly well setup to be the basis for a full debian , I think)

1). Get or make a working X-server and chroot into the pocketworkstation debroot

2) Fire-up command line. chroot to pocket workstation. do apt-get update. do apt-get upgrade. do apt-get clean. Do apt-get install x-windows-system (or was it x-window-system?) configure the debian x-windoes to display and handle input/output properly.. the in future boot to commandline, chroot to debroot and do starx.

3). use the new fbvnc that is poted on the pocketworkstation site--there is something or other written up about finally having the vnc stuff working on 6k. use the vncstuff the way it was intended.


1) would make an xbased rom easy to do as a consequence-- probaly the the most straightforward technically (closest to stuff already being done, anyway) A bit sloppy, though, lacks integration, and takes a way some of the "niceness" of having a tarrable "debroot fs" living independantly whereveer you choose to mount it.

2). My favorite solution, in theory-- integrated, upgradeable, relies on debian packages rather than making stuff for yourself all the time, etc.. Downside is I don't know if it can be done-- afaik there should be no obstacle, but I have a ngging suspicion that it won't work. would be perfect if it did though.

3). weird. seeing my os through vnc bugs me...despite how nice the pocketworkstation/vnc interface is (and it really does have some serious advantages in scaling and rotation and onscreen kdb display). Advantages are that you can make a small pim/multimedia basic rom running whatever you like in the 57 megs provided in the guylhem rom. this will probably give the best versatility of any Z setup, but pretty bad system integration.. better if you use a nand based light qt rom xqt and keypebble so you can talk to debroot from the qtrom, and using klauss' "cru" you can pass commands from the qtrom while running debian. this would allow you to run mplayer on the framebuffer over debian, if you wanted, i think.

1-- we will probably see... pdaxrommers are doing this

2-- irrationally appealing

3--probably the best solution for this rom... would allow you to have a good basic qt rom and switch cards--to hold media and stuff , and also allow a card based debian with a very useable interface.

try the cacko Qt rom in /opt, and do the full pocketworkstation on your sd or cf and give 3 a shot.
well adf u have alot more experance with this than I and well most that went over my head. im still just geting the normail way of this working still.

btw here that wiki i mentioned
I used that method for a while. It is very functional.

you will see what I mean via your own experience pretty quickly, I think

edit: tested 3 w/ fbvnc 1.7 from pocketworkstation. keyboard problems. keymapping seems ustable, believe it or not.
im sure i would see but well i cant get the darn thing to work. that isnt exactly for this thread though so yeah heh
do what pw says.

make a debroot dir on a card. lety's say cf, but it can be sd.

cd /mnt/cf/debroot
tar zxvpf "pocketworksationtarball" ( I forget what it is called)

that will set you up.

I have been having problems with guylhem's QtPalmtop.rm.tar.gz gui, and haven't messed with it much since he is workingon improvements. Let me know if your keyboard works right in pocketworkstation. I had a problem or two, but had also been quick and careless in my setup.

with this setup you can use a vnce through qtopis 9 a little slow but convenient) or fbvnc from commandline (pretty snappy) to do debian.
good luck--I hope tyhis helped?

ps pocket workstation/xqt is convenient but pretty slow and resource hungry. I stoppped using it everytime i set it up.
If you are having keyboard problems in pocketworkstation, remember the keyboard support for the tosa was completely fixed, ie. I made sure everything was working like on a standard PC! No weird remapping is necessary.

The only remapping necessary is for the keys that don't exist on a standard PC keyboard : mostly the ones around the spacebar.

See /etc/keyboard/ and to get an idea of what you should do - it's only remapping these 4 or 5 keys through a .Xmodmaprc

I was just headed back to try it again.
Has anyone had any luck with that gui tarball?
making a cacko out of that 57 megs would be pretty cool....
using vnc on pocketworkstation.. via th pocketworkstATION install scripts, the keyboard is completely shot. "q" prints p e prints $..... etc.
If it matters, maybe talk to klauss about how he did the keymaps for his x11vnc. I guess one of us could go in, redo the xmodmap (if that is the issue) and re tar.

the virtual keyboard works fine, of course.
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