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Welcome fellow Z warriors!! Let's make Boston a great place to be a Z user!

mizzle smile.gif
Hi, just added myself to the group. I live in Somerville (near Porter Square), work on PortaBase in my spare time, and have 3 friends and a coworker who I convinced to buy Zauruses. happy.gif So there are at least that many people in the area who own them...

Hi Jeremy! Good to see our first member (not including myself). I also live in Somerville (near Sullivan Sq). I checked out your PortaBase software, looks pretty cool biggrin.gif
Hi! I have been a Z user for a while. I live in NH. :wink:

I travel to Boston a few times a year for business.

I frequent the forums quite a bit under the name SITHLORD. :twisted:

Welcome Bob (SITHLORD)!

mizzle (same handle in smile.gif
Hi, Susan here. I work at MIT and am a relatively new owner of a Zaurus (3 months)?
Welcome Susan!!!
Sorry, accidentally sent the last message as Guest smile.gif

I'm also just registering. Great forum. i'm in Dorchester. Near Roxbury.
Welcome Remedy!!! Our group (Boston UG) definitely has a large user base smile.gif
New to Zaurus User Group.

I'm in Woburn ... looking for a sniffer program that actually works :idea: .
Got the new sharp rom ready to go. 8)
Welcome Ipcooper! Hope you'll find the sniffer program.
I'm from western Ma (Gardner) I bought my Zaurus and am fooling around with ideas now. I work at Hanscom as a computer tech.
Welcome Ron_John!
I live on the North Shore and joined up about a week ago or so. Am interested in eventually doing software development on the Z. Glad to be here.
welcome sgecko!

I live in central Mass near New Hampshire and work in Lexington. I am interested in developing software for my SL-5500 Zaurus.
It's good to have another developer in our midst. We probably have enough Zaurus developers in the Boston area to form a rather powerful team!

New user digicatZ55, writing this as Guest, because I found this site while at my Grandparents house for Christmas smile.gif , (there laptop smile.gif . I have owned my Z for over a year or so, what is the best ROM for the Z5500?? Dislike the 3.10 because of the installer problems and would rather have Java and Hancom back in rom, but like the new 6.0 Browser. Also anyone tried running DVarchive on there Whifi enabled Z to watch shows from there Replay TV (also on the network... ) ????

digicatz55 (the inquisitiveness of a cat combined with the wonders of a digital world... smile.gif
Chelmsford here, new 5600 owner.
Barrington, NH
work at Pease in Portsmouth. New owner of a 5600.
I live in southern Maine and am only an hour or so from Boston. I have a Z or two. ;-)

Howdy! I am a Zaurus user. I live in Hudson, NH, and work in Wilmington, MA... not quite Boston but close.
A Boston ZUG? Nice...

I'm a new Zaurus owner (two weeks), so I hope you all won't mind if I ask a bunch of questions in the future. I'm also a student out in beautiful Worcester, so if there's anyone else from out this way... hi biggrin.gif
OK. So when is the first meeting? ;-)

Hi all,
I live in the heart of Boston.

OK.  So when is the first meeting?  ;-)


Yes, when is the first meeting?

Another new Zaurus owner in Boston.

Introduction. Delivery was delayed by the DNC. I'm new to PDAs but hardly new to Unix. (I used PWB and BSD3 ... and remember when SCO was a good company! Way back.) It's been years since I've been root@anywhere, until the SL6000 came along I was happy with that. (My Knoppix CD hasn't even been spun up; someday when I run out of projecgts.) Since I'm a old unix hack, the Advanced File Manager and Terminal were early installs. Will eventually need to install much more of the Gnu commandset, how can I live without DIFF(1) or Perl. Sad to say, I've forgotten so much forth I had to resort to the manual to write Hello World.

1st Project. Since I live and work on the subway, one of my first downloads was U-Bahn Navigator, but there wasn't a Boston map yet. So I'm working on it. (With Greenline changes and Silverline, it will be a work in progress for a while!)

Now to get Perl working ... ipkg choked, I didn't read the detailed instructions first. Ahh well.

I'd like to meet up with a few other Zaurus folks (do we call us Zaurans?) to try the I/R feature!

Newbie questions on WiFi . I've heard Newbury Street has lots of free WiFi. Any others? Useful lists on-line? (I've seen several but not sure which is useful.) What payWiFi+other-service combo plan is optimal here, T-Mobile, Verizon, ?? I've got a line on one I'll check out and report back.

Meetings Poll: So ... would folks prefer to meet at a restaurant, a food court, a bar, a public park, or a meeting room / class room? How many require free/cheap parking vs easy subway access?

QUOTE(AnalogTek @ Apr 9 2004, 02:55 PM)
Howdy!  I am a Zaurus user. I live in Hudson, NH, and work in Wilmington, MA... not quite Boston but close.

I've since moved to Peabody, MA, and recently acquired an SL-C1000. I anticipate closing on a new home up in Manchester, NH within the next month. Still work in Wilmington. Still wonder when and where the first user group meeting will be.
What do people want to talk about in a Zaurus user group meeting? creative uses of Zaurus? software introduction? mini developer project?...etc.

A couple of my friends (both SL-5500 owners) recently bought SL-C3000 models and are wanting to get together sometime for some advice on what to install and usage tips (I have an SL-C760, and have done application development for it and played around with an assortment of Zaurus software). I could probably use that as an excuse to organize an actual user's group meeting if people are interested; how many people think they would show up for something in the Cambridge/Somerville area? Also, what dates/times would be good, and do people have specific requests for what to do and discuss? Relatively soon is better, my friends want to play with their new toys. happy.gif
My company will be moving its office to Central Sq., Cambridge next month and I probably can arrange to host ZUG meetings there.

- Ding!

- Ragnorok in Nashua, NH. Very near Merrimack and Hudson. (grin) First Linux Z was a 5500 the wife gave me three years ago, which was upgraded last May to a C1000 (seriously amazing unit), though I've had some form of PDA for fifteen years (Psions for half that) and a pocket computer for twenty-five. OESF has a "where are you" thread that gives a pretty good run-down on my ADP experience, but in short I've been into computers pretty much as long as I can remember, and do hardware as readily as software.

- I also develop for a living, and have a Z development environment set up, but it's currently dual-boot so it's not used as much as it could be. As soon as the other half gets her new box configured to her liking, I'll have her old one as a dedicated Z development platform. Looking forward to that, I am.

- I'd be happier meeting further north, myself, for some odd reason. (cheshire grin) Barring a full ZUG meet I'd be happy to have a little pow-wow with some of the more local Z-viants. (snicker) Restaurant would be good, if we had enough table. Food court would be noisy and most of them are set up for lots of small groups, but they're really easy to find. (shrug) Bar or club would be too smokey for my taste. Then again, if it's as far as Cambridge I may have trouble getting there in a timely manner, more's the pity, 'cause it's just not convenient to Nashua. If it were still summer and I could ride the motorcycle it'd be a different story entirely. (wolfish grin) Perhaps a car pool?

It seems like the Zaurus crowd around the Boston area is relatively quiet...sigh

- Wowzers! Over two and half years! Amazin' Raisin Bran.
- I'm in Greenfield, NH now and spend all my time working on the house. (wry grin) Latest project is roofing ... sheesh that's a passle of work! I'm pretty much against work if I can help it.
- Still have the C1000 from the last post. It's still amazing, but alas, thought I've more and faster boxen available for development I never find the time. I work from home so even leaving the house is a major accomplishment for me! (bemused smile) Go to the Boston area? (chuckle) I think I've been there about five times in the last 30 months.
- I actually get about all the Z "group" I need right here at OESF, anwyay...
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