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Full Version: Roms Comparison
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This is a newbie question. It must have been answered somewhere on this forum already but I couldn't find it.

With so many ROMs out there, how do you choose? What are the differences between the ROMs?

If you search on the forums you can find several similar questions posted. There's no definitive list of the type you'd like, though.

You don't say which device you have. I have a c700 and a c760. I use the 760 day to day and have Cacko 1.22lite on there. Its config rarely gets touched. The 700 I use to see how the other ROMs are coming along and whether any of them are mature enough for me.

Even if you don't have the luxury of two Zs, I would recommend you flash some of the alternative roms for yourself and see which you like. Also, read the various forums for each of the roms to get a feel for the types of issues each has.

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