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Full Version: Installing .ipk's On Collie Using Oz 3.5.3
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I followed the directions from one of hte links in this post.

ipkg -d sd install foo.ipk

Once the install was done, configured with no errors if i try to run the program I installed I get a file not found error. Is there something else I need to do to install packages? I've never had any luck installing packages.
After installing a package, using 'ipkg -d sd install packagename.ipk'
you need to run 'ipkg-link add packagename'

so if you installed lets say opie-wordgame_1.2.0-r0_arm.ipk you would do the following.

ipkg -d sd install opie-wordgame_1.2.0-r0_arm.ipk (push enter)
ipkg-link add opie-wordgame (you dont need to add the version etc.)

and this will install opie-wordgame to your sd card.
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