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Full Version: C-3000 Bootloader
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I was looking into devloping the 2.6 kernel for the zaurus but after looking at the it appears that linux needs to be running and WORKING to upgrade the flash

is it posible to boot into a 2.6 kernel from a 2.4 i remember seeing a project for the i386 arch that allowed you to boot a new kernel without restarting the machine and was wondering if there was any other project that was capable of doing this under the arm arch?

if there isnt such a project, is any one intrested in a bios of sorts? that does basic hard ware inislisation for the CF slot and microdrive and then presents a menu that allows you to chose which to boot off, this means you could have your user kernel on the Micro drive under boot and your dev version on a CF or the microdrive and boot off it (think grub for the arm arch (i would start there anyway) i have seen some other arm bootloaders and might even be able to adapt them

it would include, basic serial console support, flashing (of HD and Flash) backup, restore, fsck formating and include a basic linux distro (most likly the basic sharp one) in flash as an emergency recovery console)

what do you think, i just mention this becasue no mater what i tried ui could not bring up the mantince screen for flashing the... flash and would like to be able to select kernels
Check out this thread in the C3000 General discussions section. Apparently OpenBSD is installed by modifying the existing linux setup to act as a boot loader for the new kernel, and from what I've read of the install notes on openbsd/zaurus it boots into the bsd kernel from within linux.

The source for the ipk should be available, afaik. You could modify it to suit your needs.

glad i didnt have to reinvent the wheel, thanks
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