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Full Version: J2re1.3.1 Sl-c3000
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I spent yesterday getting at least the text version of blackdowns j2re1.3.1 working on a SL-C3000. The following is what I did, although other methods can be used.

I installed in /hdd2/usr/local/java (as I normally have different vm‘s within java)
cd /hdd2/usr/local/java/j2re1.3.1
cd lib
ln -s armv4l armv5tel
cd ../bin
ln -s armv4l armv5tel
cd ..
tar xf /hdd3/additional-ipaq-stuff.tar
need to add
for the to be loaded. A portion of this is related to the way the ROM is setup by default. Of course, X11 items are not on the stock item. So I have only run Derby so far. I also added the needed library path to

I'll try to locate some other builds, but I think my netwinder is dead (no power).

Related: I think the Floating Point Emulator from had a problem in the JCK (java compatability kit (test suite)) with MAX somehow or another.

After installing X11 etc, jEdit is now installed. It's very slow starting the install/and installing, but does show x11 works fine. After getting to 2x% of the jedit install, it complains about not having access to create a directory. This is due to running out of disk space on /home. I just installed it in /user/local/.
Take a look at my website (in my signature). I have detailed instructions on how to install java and other stuff.
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