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Full Version: How Do I Split Oe Packages Into Feeds?
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OpenEmbedded puts all packages in one place, how do I split them into feeds such as those in the OZ distibution (base, opie, etc...) ?
There used to be an OpenEmbedded target for that (bitbake opie-feeds) which has since disappeared, so I guess there is some kind of script lying around that I could run.

P.S.: my goal is to make feeds for OpenSIMpad available the same way.

Hey, welcome on board!

Glad that there is still anyone interested in developing for the SIMpad.

I wouldn't recommend producing own feeds for anything else than the machine specific parts. This is because of two reasons:

1st) We are working on merging Familiar Linux, OpenZaurus, and OpenSIMpad into one distribution soon. This involves a combined feed for all of the support devices, which will greatly simplify the release procedure and lower / more evenly distribute the work load for the release managers.

2nd) the OpenSIMpad packages are already compatible to the OpenZaurus feed, so you can just use the default ipkg.conf settings which point to the OZ 3.5.3 release.

If you are interested in taking over SIMpad maintainership, please appear on #oe and let us discuss the issues.
Hi Mickey,

I was also looking for a clean way to organize my daily ipkg builds... Are you keeping some kind of magic script hidden somewhere, or do you just organize by hand?

For distribution, your suggestion seems good. As far as I understand, this consists in keeping only the *_simpad.ipk, plus some packages for which I have to use a newer version than the one in OZ3.5.3 (such as opie-wellenreiter), and use OZ3.5.3 for the rest.

(PS: Yes, I am considering to candidate as a maintainer for OpenSIMpad - if only I could manage to get the keys working again in the latest builds...)
I have a magic script. It's @

splitfeeds is a python script that splits the ipk's by inspecting the major SECTION. is post processing a couple of things.
QUOTE(Mickeyl @ Apr 26 2005, 10:42 PM)
splitfeeds is a python script that splits the ipk's by inspecting the major SECTION.

That would explain why there are separate "net", "network" and "networking" feeds wink.gif And the "e" feed is also quite charming...

net, network, and networking is just sloppy OE maintainers. Once in a while we go over that stuff and make it consistent, but given the packages : maintainers ratio, we can't do that often enough.
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