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Full Version: Freeciv 2 For Pdaxrom?
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Can anybody compile Freeciv 2 for pdaXrom 1.1 RC 9?
QUOTE(VaM @ Apr 26 2005, 07:09 AM)
Can anybody compile Freeciv 2 for pdaXrom 1.1 RC 9?

I've built v2.0beta for earlier pdaXrom release candidates; it's not very hard to do,
with a proper SDK. The annoying bit is that it targets a 1024x768 minimum screen size, so most of the windows are much too big, and can't be resized to fit.

I've done some hacking, and cobbled together some patches
(including remapping keys to better fit the Zaurus' layout) but I'm presently without
a Zaurus to test it on, so it may not be until mid-May that I'm able to build again.

I'll probably have a unified Zaurus patch-set. I may try to clean it up enough to submit
into the main Freeciv tree, depending on time and interest. The main developers are sympathetic, but not especially helpful- "Sorry. the screen size code is all hardcoded. It's hard to fix. We don't care, since nobody else uses 640x480 anymore."

Freeciv is *useable* as-is but not very much fun, since you'll have to constantly scroll around just to find all the widgets.

I'd love to see it working on the Z smile.gif it seems like a "natural".

Of course, I have a 6k,and so don't have pdaXrom (yet?) .

My workarount is to x-forward it from my headless server.... v. 1.4 worked pretty well. haven't tried v2 that way yet
Hi :-)

sorry did some wrong post here :-(

I have compiled 2.0 but start button dont work.... 1.14.2 works fine and playable
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