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Full Version: Installing Python + Offlineimap
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Hello everybody

I tried earlier today to install offlineimap (a very nice program for synchronizing mail with an IMAP server). Offlineimap is written in python so, "ipkg" brought in python-core as a dependency. However offlineimap needed more python modules. Some of them were in the feed, some were not. I found the missing modules on my linux box, copied them over and now offlineimap works nicely. Regarding this, I have three remarks:

- offlineimap complained about not finding modules "traceback" and "linecache" (and maybe 1-2 more which I don't remember now). I have OE/bitbake (latest versions) installed and I see that there is a file "" that gets included by, and has these two modules listed. Why don't they appear in the final python-core package?

- offlineimap after installation had an error in the first line (trying to run something like ..../staging/.../python instead of /usr/bin/python)

- OE contains a .bb file for an older version of offlineimap. I updated the version, fixed the dependencies and produced a working .ipk. What is the proper way to contribute it to the OE/bitbake team? (And, in general what is the proper way to contribute small fixes?)

Thanks for your time.
I just tried installing python-core (2.4.1-ml2) & offlineimap (4.0.3) on OZ-OPIE (3.5.3), & after removing all of the references to '/local/pkg/oe/collie/tmp/work/offlineimap-4.0.3-r0/image/' I still get:

root@grond[~]# offlineimap
Fatal Python error: PyString_InternInPlace: strings only please!

Any ideas what I need to get this running? thks
send patches, bb recipes to OE malinglist
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