HI, this is my first post and I need help, I have a C 3000 and purchased an Ambicom WL 1100C-CF, I am a first time user and a novice in the Zaurus PDA, my problem is:
The first time I hooked the card worked perfectly and I could surf the web, I dont know what happend but the next time I conected it stoped working, when I press the conect button the ligth in the card blinks a few times and I get a message that says network offline, I dont know why it does that, could it be possible that I changed the configuration without knowing, can someone please tell what is the rigth way to configure it. I rebooted at the request of Dynamism and it did not help also.
Is there an instruction page on where I can fallow it step by step.
I am using Qtopia V 1.5.4, Linux kernel V 2.4.20, ROM V 1.01 JP