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Full Version: Is Cf Wifi Annoying On Every Z Model?
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Is there a zaurus model that puts the CF slot on the back of the clamshell? I have a C750 and my WiFi card sticking out the side makes it impossible to type. Or is there a Wifi card that does not project out of the CF slot?
Don't think so, zaphod....

But I'm not clear about why does the card sticking out the side
make it impossible to type??

It sticks out the side on my C3000 and I can type OK with the CF card sticking out....just curious...

i guess it might semi-reistrict your hand from coming far enough over the keyboard...

might just be the personal typing style smile.gif
Don't know, never had a cf wifi card to begin with! smile.gif
Mine works fine too wink.gif
With the card sticking out, it is very difficult to thumb type while holding the Z; I either have to hold it in such a way as to be constantly bumping (often dislodging) the card with that part of one's hand between thumb and index finger or I have to hold it in a way that makes it very easy to drop. I don't suppose any clamshell Z support an SD WiFi card?
OK, now I get it, zaphod!

Since I don't thumb type on my C3000, I didn't think of that....

FWIW, I mainly use 'hunt and peck' technique (2 index fingers) since the keyboard is really too small to touch-type....

You haven't mentioned what card you use, but after switching to a socket card from a netgear typing seems easier. This is because it sticks out less. It still gets in the way, but much more tolerable for me.
I primarily thumb type on my 1000 (and did the same with my 760) with my ambicom wifi card with no troubles. I actually leave the wifi card in the z almost always, except when it's in my pocket. I find it still very comfortable to type with.
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