I'm running OZ 3.5.3 on a 5500.

I've seen advice on the net to upgrade from dropbear to openSSH. I had a go using the package manager (trying to install to root (ie the ROM)), but it reported that some of the files openSSH wanted to install (ie scp) were already provided by dropbear. So, a couple questions for anyone who has done this upgrade:

1) Did you remove dropbear from root before installing openSSH? If so how? ... package manager wouldn't take it out, even with force deps and force remove set.

2) Or did you install openSSH to RAM/SD instead? (if so, how did you ensure that openSSH and not dropbear is in use?)

3) Is it truly worth it? I can't think of much I can do with sftp that I can't do with scp and ssh, but what about the security side?

Thanks guys.