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Full Version: Oz 3.5.3 Suspend / Power On Issue
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After installing OZ 3.5.3 on an SL5500 I've noticed that sometimes, after holding the cancel key to suspend the device, holding the same key to turn it back on doesn't work. To get the device to work again, I have to do a soft reset ... and that is annoying because it resets the system time to the time of the last manually requested reboot. Is it just me, or has anyone else hit this problem? Is there a workaround or fix?

I thought this problem may be related to usb networking. I don't have a standard power adapter for my zaurus, and so use a usb <-> serial cable instead. If I've also used that cable to network my handheld to my desktop, the handheld often fails to turn on after a suspend without a soft reset. Also, after the soft reset, dmesg is full of "NETDEV WATCHDOG: usbd0: transmit timed out" ... even though I've set usbd0 not to start automatically!

On second thought, I may be wrong about usb networking; the Zaurus has since failed to switch back on after a suspend when it was never connected to the usb lead at all!

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I think this is the right forum, yes?

Search the forums and you will find some help on this very issue.
since I'm in a good mood.
To summerize, the problems with suspend/revive/power-management must not be an issue else they would not have released 3.5.3... wink.gif
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