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Full Version: Nearly Useful Cheapo Bluetooth Card
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I have a shop branded cheapo bluetooth card that so nearly works it makes it worth asking about.

I know the first response is "Don't buy a cheapo shop brand card unless you know its the real thing' but this was recommended by a C760 user as working 'Plug and Play' with Cacko ROM 1.22. I know, second response, never trust anyone who uses phrases like PnP but for 20 quid!

Anyway the card has a 'CSR BlueCore 2' chip and cardctl ident gives

function: 2 (serial)

So I'm assuming that it should be treated as a CSR serial card a la Socket CF Rev G (This all comes from the BT HowTo).

Now I've tried bluez versions 2.4.18d, 2.4.18e and the beta3 from the pinned forum and with 2.4.18e, hciconfig returns something (Again this seems important based on the HowTo).

Under 2.4.18e the default action is to load the bt950_cs module (lsmod states bluez is using this module) so how do I get it to load the correct module? Why does it load this module? I know it's something to do with bluetooth.conf (I think) but what do I put in here to id my card.

Set up:
Zaurus SL-5500
Cacko ROM with 2.4.18 Kernel

Any help gratefully accepted.

It chooses the module based on the output from the command 'cardctl ident'. Could you post the output from this command, please?

P.S. The ipk pinned to the forum post is more likely to work that any other. In any case Cacko ROMs come with BlueZ built in, and since the Cacko implementation of the scripts works differently to the ipk it could mess things up in the ROM. So it is best to stick with the BlueZ stuff that comes in the ROM and try and get that working. First we need that output...
Right. Here's the output from cardctl ident:

Socket 0:
product info: "Compact Flash", "Bluetooth Card", "", ""
manfid: 0x0279, 0x950b
function: 2 (serial)
Socket 1:
no product info available

I think the Cacko ROM already comes with a mapping for that card to the serial driver. This is done in /etc/pcmcia/bluetooth/conf .

So if it does not work out of the box, then the matching line in /etc/bluetooth/uart or /etc/bluetooth/serial might need changing or adding if it does not exist. It sounds like the initialisation parameters are different. The uart file settings are what are passed to the hciattach tool and the serial file settings are the serial CF initialisation settings.
Thanks tumnus, the various configuration files make more sense now.

My current uart/serial files don't appear to contain any settings for this device. If any Cacko ROM 1.22 user has a spare couple of minutes I'd be very grateful if they could post there /etc/bluetooth/uart and serial files.

I've got this card working and, as usual, the answer was right in front of me..

It appears to be a clone or rebranded Billionton card and works with the settings posted by EdbO here.

If anyone fancies a £20 bluetooth card then E-buyer have them here.

QUOTE(Ferous @ May 9 2005, 09:38 PM)
If anyone fancies a £20 bluetooth card then E-buyer have them here.

Ah, I was just looking at that, and was going to post to see if anyone knew if it works.

Thanks cool.gif
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