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Full Version: New Fast Kernel
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A new "fast" kernel has been released : see Both a ffpe and a non ffpe have been released. I am using it daily and I strongly advise anyone to upgrade to this kernel.

However, please do not forget to install the keyboard files from keyboard/ to /opt/Qtopia/etc as mentionned in the README. If you need to change keys in console mode, use with loadkeys

It fixes all the keyboard problems with an ugly hack exchaning A and left window key, to bypass another bug from Sharp qtopia 1.5. In make menuconfig, you can disable that, but I strongly advise to leave it as such.

What you gain
- you can now use the internal keyboard + an external usb keyboard + an external bluetooth keyboard at the same time. No weird remapping needed. Keypad should work. Zaurus keys have been remapped to F1->F12 keys, so you can easily turn the backlight on and off, etc.
- most of the modules have been statically compiled. it saves a lot of space.

What you miss:
- custom remaps (made for snes9x, etc.) will have to be redone
- power key doesn't do power off anymore, to prevent a bug with qtopia 2.11 (couldn't power back on). Use Fn+Power instead. Power/Record have therefore been remapped to pageup/pagedown to act like the jogwheel of the clamsheel models. That's quite handy with opie-reader.

What's left
- hidp module for bluetooth keyboard needs some minor changes for the blue and green fn keys from an axim keyboard.

I'm going to use this kernel for the next guylhem-rom (the one which will include a minimal qtopia 1.5) - I'll work on that this week.

Bug reports welcome, but it should work fine even with a standard sharp rom. Simply follow the README for reflash.


I was kinda waiting for this to redo my Z--try the "onboard only" qtopia bit..and play with pocketworkstation on the sd. I'd hoped there would be a fastffpe version.

Thanks !
1. typo? should be "keysymbols.tbl" instead of "keysyms.tbl"
2. integregated kbd didn't work in the qkonsole
3. SD module insert missing in the bootup
noticed: "power" as "ok", "f" as "dim"

didn't try too much or look around, i'm flash it back to stock cause i'm going to travel tomorrow.
guylhem, is it possible to use this kernel with OZ opie?
xjqian - thanks for the typo report. The keyboard *wont* work if you don't put the .tbl files as instructed. This is because key mappings have been changed to ease operation with external (ex: USB) keyboard.

gfdsa, you can use the kernel with whatever you want as long as you use the modules too.
didn't do the tosa keymap thing as instructed. (these instructions are in the readme?)
that would explain the problems with POcketWorkstation, I bet.

urghhh.. flash again tonight
yes they are in the readme :-)
after flashing with ffpe image:

if the cf card isn't already inserted, it will no longer recognize it when you put it in. checking system info shows slot 0 not available. if the cf card was inserted PRIOR to starting up, then it properly detects the insertion/removal.

after flashing with no-ffpe image:

cf card insertion works properly

wifi sometimes hangs the system with either zImage (nothing works when it hangs, can't turn the light off, inserting cards shows nothing, etc)

loading opera prior to starting wifi sometimes hangs the Z, requires a reset.

booting initially reports a number of errors:

request_module[scsi_hostadapter]: Root fs not mounted
Creating 1 MTD partitions on "sharpsl-flash":
0x00160000-0x800000 : "Filesystem"
blkmtd: error: missing `device' name
cramfs: wrong magic
Eep. child "tmp" (ino #26279) of dir ino #26278 doesn't exist!
Eep. child "ipkg"(ino #10026) of dir ino #10025 doesn't exist!
inode #... was a directory with children, remove those too ... (many lines)
Cannot remove child "tmp", ino #26279, because it doesn't exist
Cannot remove child "ipkg", ino #10025, because it doesn't exist
/sbin/ldconfig: /usr/lib/ is not a symbolic link
pxa_sd_stopclock: clock stop time out. (retries 10 times twice then gives up)
VFS: can't find minix or minux v2 filesystem on device 3c:01
Trying to free nonexistent resource <f6000000-f600000f> mmcda1
jffs2_do_read_inode(): No data notes found for ino #28212
failed to register tc6393_ohci_ctl_device
EXT2-fs: Unrecognized mount option quiet
no-ffpe image:

(note: the light seems to think time goes by faster)

cf network card detected correctly when inserted. unable to connect via the card, no options appear in the globe for the nic. only wireless options show up. redoing the connection is not help, no matter what, only the wireless options show up. Removing all the connections and redoing the nic doesn't work, shows as no connections defined.

rebooting the system still doesn't resolve it.

note: rebuilding the wireless connection now results in my system hanging consistently.

ken looks like you need a module for your card that I didn't compile. Do you know its name?

Regarding the errors, I only added blkmtd: error: missing `device' name (trying to fix it) everything else is normal.

The wifi connection is strange. Did you install the new modules? Did you run the suggested script posted here?
QUOTE(guylhem @ May 7 2005, 12:10 AM)

ken looks like you need a module for your card that I didn't compile. Do you know its name?


found the reason for this error:
/sbin/ldconfig: /usr/lib/ is not a symbolic link

This has to do with the instructions to make kismet work on the sharp rom.  I wouldnt worry about this one.  Discovered this when I started to reinstall the Sharp ROM.

QUOTE(guylhem @ May 7 2005, 12:10 AM)
The wifi connection is strange. Did you install the new modules? Did you run the suggested script posted here?


yes, ran, installed the modules as per the README, installed the keyboard maps.
So is it working now? Please tell me. If it isn't, I released a new rom with everything working fine - it includes this kernel and should work out of the box. You should try it.

See guylhem rom forum.
no, but I'll try the new rom you just released and let you know how it goes.
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