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Full Version: Which Zaurus To Get?
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Conics has used Zaurii starting at $329 for the C700. The c1000 is $539. The listed specifications all seem about the same in terms of processor speed. Is the 1000 worth 200 more for a poor university student who would use it primarily for note-taking?

Thanks for reading.
who would use it primarily for note-taking?

Yeah, right! You say that now, but wait til you get one ... ;o)

Steer clear of the c700. I have one, and its fine for testing new versions of ROMs or whatever, but its fairly limited and slow. I only bought it because the guy selling it was including a 4GB microdrive, and at the time he was asking less for the bundle than I could have bought the card for on its own (I had the advantage of a good exchange rate).

I also have a c760 which I use daily and is great, which I haven't felt the urge to upgrade to the c1000 or c3000 yet, and think is the minimum you should aim for if you can manage it financially. There's no real difference between the c760 and the c860. For a discussion of the c860 and c1000 see this thread:

The c1000 has USB host.
Many seem to claim the keyboard on the 1000 is better. For note taking that might be important. The usb host with a usb keyboard (and even a glowing keyboard for dimly lit classes) could be a great asset for note taking.
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