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Full Version: What Is The Battery Life On 5500
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I just checked and someone said 2-3 hours tops when used but then someone said if you upgrade some rom, which I dont know about, you can get more than this....
Depends what your doing and what you have plugged in.
In my experience with the Sharp roms inc tkc i would get about 45 mins video or 2-3 hrs sound and or book reader (turning the screen off gives you more time). Using wifi initialy got me about 30mins but then I changed cards (droped and stud on the old one oops) and got about 45 mins of internet access with opera. I found that chaging the cpu speed would help to prolong the battery life and making sure infrared and other services were off or dissabled helped too. ie tkc with no bluetooth services. this also frees up some memory. I now use a C750 but find the 5500 better in the bright sun and for some apps the popout keyboard is actualy more use than the clamshell. Try playing asteroids on a 750....
I get about 3-4 hours the way I use it mostly for an organizer, reader, database/entry, and picture viewer. I rarely play audio or video on it, but do play games. If I play a SDL graphics game or video I get only about an hour. If I use it for audio it is 1-2 I got a 40G iPod for'll last for 8-12 hours.
I would agree it depends on what you do with it and how much you configure it.

Basic PIM use yo could use it all day.

Audio with screen off maybe a couple of hours.

Dedicated use like programming, word processing, etc. will take you down under an hour.

video, wi-fi, etc. I get less than 30 minutes.

Also, when I had a new battery it was twice what I get now, so figure that in too.
Yeah, the 5x00 series were power-hungry little buggers. I can't run the 5500 off of my 1-amp EA72 charger for the clamshells - it can't supply enough current to run the 5500 and charge its battery - the charge light actually flickers on and off. There is actually a reason for the 2-amp rating on the EA70 chargers smile.gif
Quite obviously experiences do vary widely, depending on a lot of factors. That said, the main factors for power consumption with the 5500 are:

1) Display illumination. Its level is the most important influence on battery life.

2) WLAN cards. These are usually hungry little buggers that will suck your battery dry almost as much as the display lighting.

3) The LCD. It's amazing how much power just the display refresh will use.

4) The CPU speed. Believe it or not, the CPU is a rather minor factor in the 5500 system design (i.e. it's ranked 4th for a reason wink.gif ). But obviously its clock speed will have a certain influence, especially when the other factors are taken care of.

So what can be expected with a new, fully charged battery? My personal experiences range (as I already mentioned in another recent thread rolleyes.gif) from anything around 45 minutes to 8+ hours.

The former is typical for streaming video playback via WLAN with maximum lighting and the CPU overclocked, the latter audio playback from SD-Card, no CF adapter, CPU heavily underclocked with light and LCD disabled.

A few more examples: about 80 minutes websurfing with max. light; roughly 2 1/4 hours at the lowest setting (both with WLAN, obviously).

Without WLAN, you can easily add an hour to those values, giving up to 3 1/2 hours. Without light (i.e. outside in broad daylight) you can even get a little more. If you underclock the CPU in those conditions, you will get a noticeable gain on top of that.

Last but not least, if your application allows it (audio playback being the most obvious), disabling the display altogether will give you that ultimate last kick in battery life wink.gif

Obviously, battery life will decline with age, so getting a new battery every once in a while is advised if you need maximum independance from a mains lead smile.gif -- and obviously a spare, fully charged battery can come in very handy.

Best regards,
after about two years of use .... i get about an hour if i'm lucky. and that is with my processor clocked down and the lcd light down to a minimum. aye, my zaurus is getting old....
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