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Full Version: Which Game Emulators Run At Full Speed?
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which game emulators run at full speed?
znester runs at a passable speed. All of the others so far seem to be fairly slow.
C1000, default sharp+special kernel.

Frodo needs some config tweaking, its either way to fast to way to slow :/

Mame is dog slow. (shock horror)

zsnes full screen with sound, 20-30 fps - a tad choppy on f-zero, most games are very playable (if anything, the C1000 thumb cursor pad is more of a problem than the fps). Disable sound and its almost perfect.

And thats as far as I've got, chrono trigger is damn good.....
Dgens isn't too bad when you run it without sound on the SL5500, I can't help but feel a lot of the emulators, if properly optimized, could run at close to full speed on ARM/Xscale hardware. For example Virtual GBA was just a straight port of the x86 one, emulating the arm chip present in the GBA, instead of just cleverly passing (though it might need some processing) on instructions direct to the StrongARM present in the Zaurus.
QUOTE(scuzzo84 @ May 3 2005, 07:11 PM)
which game emulators run at full speed?

of the emulators i've tried here's the results (with stock libsdl and sharp rom v3.x):

gb (zgnuboy) - full speed
mame (zmame) - depends on processor being emulated. i've discovered z80 based games tend to play at full speed 90% of required frame rate. you're safe with pacman, space invaders all the old classic.
c64 (frodo) - full speed, but you need to select defaults settings if you're using sl-5500. i think this is because it's compiled for cl-xxx series zaurus which are considerably faster.

check out the link in my sig to see which games are playable on these emulators. i've completed my gameboy games review. i'm currently reviewing mame. next on my list is snes.
fMSX works at full speed when used with "-lowres".
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