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Full Version: Console Mode On Sl-c3000
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how can I get into pure console mode on the SL-C3000 (i.e. terminating QT entirely)?



There's also a hidden boot to command-line option on the SL-C3000.

It can be a little tricky to access, but here's the steps:

1 - Flip the battery lock switch to the unlock/open (right) position.
2 - Open the battery cover and remove the battery.
3 - Wait approximately 1 minute (sometimes up to an hour)
4 - Press and hold down both the "D" and the "B" keys.
5 - Carefully re-insert the battery while continuing to hold down the D/B keys.
6 - Replace the battery cover and set the switch to lock (left) position (still holding keys).
7 - Continue to hold down the D/B keys and press the power switch.

You should see the standard Sharp splash screen, followed by the linux boot messages.

The following mount points from ChrisZ may also prove helpful:

/etc is linked from /home: /home/etc -> /etc
/home is mounted from /dev/mtdblock3 type jffs2 (rw, noatime)
/ is mounted from /dev/mtdblock2 type jffs2 (ro, noatime)

...Hope this helps!
echo a > /home/sharp/etc/launch.default
killall qpe

after this type:

killall qeserver


Sharps rom has way you can easily boot to a command prompt by doing this: On bootup, there will be a "wait 4,3,2,1" you can press / to get to a boot menu, which will allow you to choose to boot into Qtopia, or command prompt.
But you have to first do as root :

rm /home/sharp/etc/launch.default
ln -s /dev/null /home/sharp/etc/launch.default
to get the default back simply delete the link and reboot
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