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Full Version: Success With Kitchensync 3.4?
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I am experiencing some weird behavior on Kubuntu Hoary, using Kitchensync/MultisynK. After a great deal of effort I finally got KDE to connect with the Z (OZ 3.5.3 Opie). It accesses the xml files fine, and on the first sync (in which all the info was on the Z, the KDE apps were blank after a new install), everything went to the desktop fine. Then I addedd a to-do on the desktop and sync'ed again to see if it would propogate. Everything went wonky.

MultisynK told me that every one of my entries had been "deleted in Opie," and asked me if I wanted to delete on the desktop. I said "No" to all of them, and ended up with duplicate entries. I ran the sync again and answered "Yes," which deleted all the duplicate entries on the desktop and all the entries on the Z. I restored the Z data from backup, and will try this all again soon.

Has anyone had Kitchensync work perfectly?
QUOTE(acpkendo @ May 5 2005, 07:23 AM)
Has anyone had Kitchensync work perfectly?

Lutz is whining ALL THE TIME about Kitchensync. So I guess it's not brilliant.
kdepim/pi can work as a good intermediary if you'd be OK with that.
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