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Full Version: New Game: Burgerspace
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I've just compiled by latest favourite game for pdaXrom! biggrin.gif

BurgerSpace is a clone of the classic game "BurgerTime".  In it, you play the part of a chef who must create burgers by stepping repeatedly on the ingredients until they fall into place.  And to make things more complicated, you also must avoid evil animate food items while performing this task, with nothing but your trusty pepper shaker to protect you.

You can grab it from my unstable feed.

I had to patch it to support 640x480 but it looks perfect in full-screen mode. Even though it uses SDL it doesn't seem to work correctly when not running under X. Ignore the burgerspace-sounds package since running it without --no-sound produces an error. I will try to fix this if anyone needs sound.

NB: This screenshot is not from my 640x480 version.
Ooh thanks - downloaded and it looks fun! Sound would be a nice bonus tho I think!
QUOTE(rgrep @ May 9 2005, 11:06 PM)
Even though it uses SDL it doesn't seem to work correctly when not running under X.

The blinking graphics problem can be fixed by running it like so:

SDL_NOMOUSE=1 burgerspace --full-screen --no-sound
Good tip. How do I do this automatically (from the icon on the menu)? I guess I could rename the executable, then make a little shell script with the original executable name which simply runs the new one with the options you give, but that is hardly elegant. But can they be added to a menu setup file somewhere instead?
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