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Full Version: OpenZaurus 3.3.5 with Kismet and Wellenreiter II
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I figured I’d leave this for anyone trying to get Wellenreiter II working on their 5500 with OpenZaurus 3.3.5. I had to replace the default Prism drivers with the ones from here:

After that Kismet and Wellenreiter II worked fine.
Skip that Idea, I could not get it to work the 2nd time around. I Switched to 3.3.6-pre1-2.4.18-gcc3, Wellenreiter II just works out of the box then. By the way, with Open Zaurus 3.3.6-pre1-2.4.18-gcc3 you can use the Debian package of Ettercap 0.6.b-2 (found at Just rename ettercap_0.6.b-2_arm.deb to ettercap_0.6.b-2_arm.ipk and use the commandline:

ipkg -force-depends -d ram install ettercap_0.6.b-2_arm.deb

Don't know if it sees anything, but I'll find out more when I get my 10/100BT card.
Bleh if you know a way to get it working properly under 3.3.5 please post it, I would rather not use 3.3.6 just because it requires more time than I can put into it right now.
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