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Thanks for this new ROM...

I just installed it on my SL6K and like it so far!

Is there a version of Mame that will run on this?
maybe under xqt? or pocketworkstation? if there is no mame for sharp rom.
emulators/games will be added, but not immediately. don't hold your breath. I have to create a crosscompiler toolchain identical to the one used for openzaurus (if only to follow the roadmap and have softfloat soon) but I don't have enough diskpace to do that. I asked on IRC - nobody could create such a toolchain for me :-( I tried for 2 days and failed to create it by hand, so I dropped that issue. I have other things to do...

So if any of you want games, faster libsdl/mplayer, etc. please prepare a openzaurus toolchain and put a tar.gz file online somewhere.
how much diskspace do you need to do this? How much bandwidth/transfer?

you want an accessable OE setup, basically? I think you'd want to change some stuff. oe breaks itself a lot.
I only need oe toolchain. If you can figure out how to make it - try.
You'll need several Gb to compile everything. It's not a bandwith issue - just compile everything on your PC and then send me the resulting toolchain. But building oe is quite hard.
I've built it twice already.. and many, many copies of nano wink.gif
I'll give it another go on my server (done it on the workstation before) tarball it and give you access.
Where I see the problem is nailing down repositoriy and .bb file versions for guylhem rom. My experience with oe is that getting a working build system is not that bad, but that the deveopers keep..well..developing it, which keeps breaking packages or compatibility. I assume you will put your kernel in the path for kernel cross compiling? If this works... what's next.. opie, as stated? opie is nice, has lots of packages. and hs the oz compatlibs. opie with decent fs and partitioning will be very cool

on the X front... pocketworkstation works pretty well through opie-keypebble 1.0 -not quite as snappy as xqt, but much less prone to gpk compatbility issues (abiword for example does not see to like xqt gtk, which I have uninstalled) and it rotates, etc. Still no joy on the fbvnc keymap. ANyhope of someone suddenly compiling a tightvncviewer?

Have you looked at emdebian? they also seem to be working on a toolchain.
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