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Full Version: No Lcd Suspending On Collie With Oz 3.5.3
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Using the OS 3.5.3 ROM (with and without apm commented out in /etc/device_table) the LCD is no longer deactivated after some time (played around with the light-applet but it can only deactivate the light itself, the LCD is never shut off).

Any known workarounds?

NOTE: Is this in the right forum? 'Everything development' is supposed to contain development discussion.

On-topic, I can't reproduce that. Try a fresh image, perhaps you messed something up in device_table.

On a side note, I can't even reproduce any of the suspend/resume issues people are experiencing with Opie. Perhaps SL5500G behaves different from SL5500 ?
It probably won't help but I can verify that it doesn't work with a fresh install using the 32-32 on my 5500. Also, using the command line and qcop won't turn off the lcd.
I can also confirm that the following does not blank the LCD:

qcop QPE/System 'setBlankLCD(int)' 1

I confirmed that the system received the command through qcoptest. . . if someone could help me resolve this, I'd be willing to put together a package to add this function to the "O" menu. . .
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